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Wootton Road Runners is a road, fell and cross country running club with over 360 members of mixed ages and abilities, from beginners to experienced athletes. Find out more 

Wootton Tri is the Triathlon section of the Club.

Wootton Tri

Swim, bike, run

Swim, bike and run, racing or just for fun! More information here.

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Regular runners can come any Thursday. New Members section has the beginner sessions for this year

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No train, no gain!

Details of the weekly sessions, groups and dynamics.

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To make sport even more enjoyable, here are a few guidance notes.

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Why Do We Run?

I’ve been running for 40 years. I started because I wanted to lose weight. It worked. Ok, maybe cutting down on the pasties helped! As time has passed, I’ve benefited physically. I turned 60 last year and am definitely fitter (and faster) than I was at 20. I really enjoy a good run and don’t intend stopping any time soon!

One thing is for sure, running is more popular than ever. Just over 20,000 applied to run the first London Marathon in 1981. In 2019 there were more than 400,000 applications. So why are more and more of us running, and why can joining a running club help us run further and faster.

It’s a question I asked club member and GB Masters Champion, Michael Aldridge-Hobbs. In this interview I also asked him about his running career, how having a coach and being part of a club makes a difference, and he shares some of the secrets of his success.

I hope, like me, you take something out of this interview and we will be adding to his story over coming months.

Simon Mitchell - WRR Club Chair 2020