Triathlon Training

An overview of the club's yearly triathlon activities can be found here



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Pool sessions
The Club has a two swim training sessions, Fridays 6.45pm - 7.45pm and Wednesdays 8.00pm - 9.00pm held during the winter months only, at the Cripps Centre in Northampton. Both these sessions are coached sessions and no bookings are required.

There are two payment options available for the swim sessions, bulk purchase consecutive (Wednesday or Friday) sessions for £4.00 per session, or pay as you go £5.00 per session. Both payment options are available for either session. Bulk purchased consecutive sessions missed will not be reimbursed. Blocks for the swim sessions will be advertised in the club bulletin and FaceBook page.

For further information contact;

Open water sessions
The Club uses the facilities at Box End Park during the months of May to September. For more information on Box End Park click Here

This is not a formal organised session for Wootton Tri and is open to the public. Swimming times and costs are published on the Box End Park website, although the Club encourages members to attend together and encourages car sharing. Changing facilities and wetsuit hire is available at the Park.



Saturday Road Cycle

The Saturday morning cycle groups meet at the Wootton Community Centre at 8.45am ready to leave at 9.00am.

October to March
During winter there is one cycle group and the route is determined by the leader.

April to September
During the summer months there are a number of cycling groups for Club members. Group riding rules and etiquette can be found in the policy section of this website.

Click here for an overview of the Groups.

Sunday Off-Road Cycle

October to March During the winter months the Club holds a social off road cycle for cyclists for any ability. If you intend to join this group you must carry with you spare equipment, although support will be provided with any mechanical issues that occur during the ride. Details of all rides (meeting locations and times) will be published in the Club bulletin and facebook page.

Cycling Guidelines

The club has a Group Riding Rules and Etiquette policy document which can be found in the 'Safety & Rules' section of this website, click the link in the right column. All riders should make themselves fully aware of this policy before attending a cycle session.

All riders please ensure you have the following for every ride;

  • Bikes - Road bikes, not mountain bikes, except on the Sunday off-road session.
  • Helmet and appropriate clothing - you must wear an approved cycling safety helmet (no helmet no ride!). Please ensure that you dress according to the weather conditions, take multiple layers and have a water proof jacket and gloves with you, especially during the winter months. If your feet get cold put plastic bags over your socks before putting your shoes on, this helps keep the rain and wind out.
  • Snack food - ensure that you have sufficient food to snack, eg. jaffa cakes, peanut butter sandwich, chewy bars, jelly babies etc.
  • Energy drink and water - bring plenty especially on warmer days.
  • Spares - you must have at least one spare inner tube (recommend 2) and a pump with you. Do not rely on others fixing your punctures with their spares.
  • Glasses - are recommended to protect your eyes from the elements (and flying objects).
  • Shoes - firm soled shoes or cycling specific shoes. Running shoes have too much give in the sole.



Run training is often regarded as something that can be done alone, however, training with others and with a coach can provide significantly better quality sessions. The Triathlon club utilises the Running Club's run sessions.

Thursdays - 7.30pm, seven groups split by ability. Click here
Sundays - 9.00am, long run, three group abilities

The Thursday session meets at the Wootton Community Centre, while the Sunday runs are held at various locations around Northamptonshire. The meeting place and run length for the Sunday groups is published in the Club email, and Club Facebook Page.


The Coaches

Cat RileyLevel 2 British Triathlon Coach
(currently training for level 3)
Level 2 British Cycling Coach
Level 2 ASA Open Water Coach
Caroline ParkinsLevel 1 British Triathlon Coach
Level 2 British Cycling Coach
Mike KendallLevel 2 British Triathlon Coach
Andy BirkettLevel 2 British Triathlon Coach
Mike WheelerLevel 2 British Triathlon Coach
Andrea CollingwoodLevel 2 British Cycling Coach


Group Leaders

The club is lucky enough to have many dedicated people who have given up their time to train to become a group leader. Our leaders are:

  • Andy Davidson
  • Antoinette Kiely
  • Chris Fulthorpe
  • Chris Jakeman
  • Gillian Jakeman
  • Graham Tee
  • Julya Huntley-Welsenaer
  • Laura Williams
  • Louise Birkett-Swan
  • Nesa Harmon
  • Richard Moore
  • Simon Mitchell