Thursday Night Training

Winter training is focused on building a strong aerobic base with an emphasis on stamina and strength sessions. These are conducted on lit footpaths to ensure we maintain a safe training environment. In spring and summer we can add faster work, with an emphasis on shorter efforts and preparation for the road racing season. The lighter evenings give us the opportunity to utilise multi-terrain routes adding both variety and a more forgiving surface.

Thursday night training is split into groups based on 5K road race times. This forms the basis of the groups but is a guideline only. Group leaders will encourage members to run in the appropriate group but it is ultimately left to individual choice. The objective of defining the training groups is to provide a safe training environment for all our members in which they can improve their performance and work towards achieving their goals and fulfilling their potential.

New runners (with experience) joining the club will be given guidance to determine which group is most suited to their level of development and those new to running will be asked initially to run with Group 7. All groups follow the published training schedule but group leaders have the discretion to tailor the sessions to the needs of their runners as required.

New runners without experience (beginners) - Click here for more information


The Group Dynamics

The club continues to grow in numbers, with membership now in excess of 350. This has resulted in our evolution to 7 training groups, targeted at achieving the following objectives:

  • To make the steps between groups more manageable, allowing runners to move up more easily as they improve.
  • To keep the number of runners in each group down to a safer level and make life easier for the group leaders and assistants.

Which group should I run in? Most of our sessions are geared at middle distance road running, so 5K road race times are a very good guide to determine which group is most appropriate for you.

Group5k Race Time
1Sub 19 mins
2Sub 21 mins
3Sub 23 mins
4Sub 25 mins
5Sub 27 mins
6Sub 30 mins
7Sub 35 mins

Please run in the right group for your ability. When members choose to run in a group below their ability they effectively push the pace of the group beyond the ability of the majority in that group. It is perfectly reasonable for those returning from injury to 'feel' their way back into the club sessions, but individuals should be mindful of the effect they have on the group and in particular those at the lower end of the ability range. Some runners like to have an easy run before or after a race. This can be achieved by a separate steady run or by running at the back of their normal group.

Group safety

Safety is a priority and we all need to take collective responsibility for the safety of the group we run in. Simple disciplines like running on the left and overtaking on the right should be observed wherever possible. In the dark runners should wear something that enables them to be seen - such as lights or high-viz garments.

Please read the Club's code of conduct - Click Here

We have funded several coaching courses over the past 2 years and will be looking to all those who have benefited from this funding to take an active role in assisting with group coaching.

Interested in coaching?

We will always support and encourage members who wish to undertake formal training and if anyone wants to find out more information, please contact Cat Riley on a Thursday evening. There are several courses run by UK Athletics throughout the year and these give you a greater insight into your own training as well as giving you the opportunity to contribute to the Club.


Group Leaders & Assistants

Richard Lack
Richard Fowler
Mike Aldridge
Phil Wood
Chris Fulthorpe
Mike Wheeler
Paul Matthews
John White
Steve Atkinson
Steve Borondy
Graham Tee
Mick Heap
Mike Kendal
Steve Marsh
Allan Harrison
Jerry Innis
Lorayne Keet-Marsh
Antionette Kiely
Gabby Deere
Becky Bonnett
Rebecca Gordon
Sam Nash
Sara Henderson
Tricia Harrison
Kay Duffy
Andy Birkett
Josie Pickering