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We always welcome runners and triathletes who would like to join our club!


Training night

The club's main training night is on Thursday. Anyone thinking about joining the club must initially come on a Thursday night. We meet at Wootton Community Centre (Curtlee Hill, Wootton Fields) at 7.15pm. We split into seven groups of various speeds and abilities. All groups start their training session off at 7.30pm and are usually back at the Community Centre about 8.45pm (depending on the session).

Details of the weekly training schedules can be found here, along with the group criteria. High viz is mandatory during the Winter months for all Thursday and Tuesday night sessions.

If you are new to running, see Little or No Running Experience.

In addition to the main Thursday night training sessions, we also organise Tuesday and Sunday sessions, further information on these sessions are available on the weekly Club members' email.


Would like to join us?

With Running Experience - If you have some experience of running (e.g. you are able to run continuously for 45/55 minutes at 11/12 minutes per mile), please just turn up to the Thursday night session and make yourself known to a member of the committee, or a group leader, (we're a friendly bunch) and we will ensure you are placed in the appropriate group for you. Please wear a high viz bib. You must be 18 years old or over to join us.

On your first session, please complete and bring a New Runners' Induction Form with you (this form is not a membership form - see right for this).

As a Club we offer up to 3 free sessions to evaluate whether the Club is right for you. For details on how to join the Club, please scroll down the page. You will need to complete a Membership Form.

If you do not complete the necessary WRR Membership Form after your initial 3 sessions you will not be able to continue to train with us, race as an affiliated runner or be covered by the Club's insurance.

Little or No Running Experience - If you are new to the sport of running, we hold 6 week beginners sessions on Thursdays' to get you on the road to fitness, and give advice on how to develop your running ability.

You can only join a beginners session on week 1, otherwise the Group will have progressed too much for you to join.

Beginner sessions for 2017 as below;

  • 5 January
  • 16 March
  • 25 May
  • 3 August
  • 12 October

If you would like to join us for one of the beginners sessions:

  • Just turn up at 7.15pm and make yourself known to a member of the committee or group leader (we're a friendly bunch).

  • Wear a high viz bib (during Winter months), these can be obtained from any running shop.

  • Complete and bring a New Runners Inductions Form (see right) with you. In addition please take a few minutes to read through the Beginners Group information (see right).

Once you have completed the 6, weekly, sessions, move up to Group 7 or discontinue running with us.

Any queries, » Contact Us



Our membership year is from 1 February each year until the 31 January of the following year. You must be 18 years old or over to join us.

To join the Club, our preferred method is online. You can do this at the top right of this page.

Current Fees
Full Year - £42.00 (1 Feb this year to 31 Jan next year)
Part Year - £29.50 (1 Aug this year to 31 Jan next year)
Club Running Vest - £20.00

If you intend to take part in any races under the Club name, you should wear a club colours running vest.

New members, must fully complete the Membership form and pay to become a member of the Club.

Your membership will include training sessions for both Wootton Road Runners and Wootton Tri unless otherwise advertised.

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Any membership queries, please contact the Membership Secretary



If you intend to participate in any Triathlon events it may be beneficial for you to have individual membership of the England Triathlon. It is the sole responsibility of the individual to join England Triathlon.

Full details and benefits can be found here: - Triathlon England